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Countries to encourage the development of new materials

glass steel grille color: yellow, green, gray, red, blue, black, natural color FRP grating: grille molding craft with many of the rules of distribution rectangular, square spaces FRP sheet, with two-way mechanical characteristics of the same sex. Can be widely used in china sendust cores petroleum, chemical and electronics, electricity, paper, printing and dyeing, electroplating, ocean exploration, sewage treatment and other industries, working platforms, equipment platforms, drilling platforms, walkways, etc., is the ideal product in corrosive environments,sendust cores but also applies to civil facilities. This series of products: meniscus, sand surface, dual-plane flat panel grille.

    FRP grating performance characteristics: resistance to corrosion: a very superior acid and alkali resistance, resistance to organic solvents and salts, and many other gas, liquid medium corrosion, corrosion protection has incomparable superiority. According to the actual use as occasion demands, can be economically choose to use the phthalic type, isophthalic-type, vinyl-type resin as a base material.
Author: Zhejiang Keda Magnetoelectricity Ltd.
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