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China is the motor production superpower Cicai

Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta region is the world's largest the motor magnetics industry manufacturing base, with more than tens of thousands magnetics motor manufacturers and related industries, deserved the motor of the global manufacturing Si-Fe Powder core and sourcing center of the magnetics industry. China Motor, magnetics industry, domestic and foreign trade in the region through the completion of the exhibition in the form of 50%. Therefore, in the motor, magnetics manufacturing and trading center of Shanghai to build the world's top motor magnetics exhibition right time.
2011 Shanghai Cicai, motor manufacturing output more than 1 trillion yuan, the world's top 500 electronic information enterprises have set up a manufacturing base in the Yangtze River Delta. Based in the heart of the cluster in the electronic information industry in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai has a strong market demand, especially in pioneering the permanent magnet motor and magnetic materials, from raw materials to the finished product, from manufacturing and sales to service, Ultra Flux core technology and talent to the market can stop solved.
China is the motor production superpower Cicai. According to statistics, "Twelve Five" period the annual output will reach 10 billion units of small motors in China, 70% share of global small motor production. Micro motor products and technology trends will be energy-saving and intelligent, and the next 20 years from the producing countries to the "power" forward. With the "12th Five-Year" plan to accelerate the pace of integration of the micro-motor industry, the "2012 China International Permanent Magnet Motor and Magnetic Materials Exhibition" as the focus on the field of micro-motor and magnetics industry event, will effectively relying on its own in the industrial agglomeration The natural advantages of the ground, exhibitors, visitors, buyers built up a convenient, efficient, communication, and mutual benefit "bridge" to provide one-stop supply and marketing platform to promote the rapid growth of the motor, magnetics industry.
Author: ZheJiang KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd
Keyword:Ultra Flux core,Si-Fe Powder core
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