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The Panxi vanadium titanium magnetite use to determine the

Ministry yesterday released the "the Panxi vanadium titanium magnetite resource indicators rational development and utilization" rate "requirements Kool Mu Manufacturers (Trial)", to develop the Panxi area vanadium titanium magnetite mining recovery rate, mineral recovery, comprehensive utilization. indicators. In accordance with the requirements of the open-pit mining of vanadium-titanium magnetite recovery rate is not less than 94%, the underground mining recovery rate of not less than 82%.

Mineral recovery, the different requirements of different selected based on the the ore total iron (total content of iron ore) grade and grade iron ore, iron mineral recovery. Among them, the iron concentrate grade of 54% or more the iron mineral recovery requires not less than 60%.

In addition, the document also Soft Magnetic Manufacturers emphasizes the comprehensive utilization of associated useful components such as titanium, vanadium, chromium and sulfide mining enterprise development and utilization of vanadium-titanium magnetite. Depending on the titanium concentrate grade, titanium comprehensive utilization requirements of not less than 12%, 16% and 20% of the three criteria. Depending on the iron mineral recovery, comprehensive utilization of vanadium requires not less than 64%, 70% and 75% of the three criteria. The documents also make the relevant provisions of the comprehensive utilization of chromium, sulphide.

The Department of Homeland, the the Panxi area is important the vanadium titanium magnetite resource base and the vanadium-titanium industrial base. The purpose of the introduction of the file is "for the protection and rational use of the area vanadium titanium magnetite resources to improve the level of comprehensive utilization of mineral resources, promote industrial upgrading."

The document also stressed that the production of the mine to meet the requirements within three years of the date of the release by the index requirements. Required to reach the indicators, provincial land resources department should be organized to urge its rectification, rectification remains after standard mining enterprises, not the annual inspection of development and utilization of mineral resources
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