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NdFeB emerging promotion and use of the material will also change the current living environment

The same two magnets, one will be able to separate a little harder. Yang Yanhua said, the NdFeB magnetic feature is found, miniaturization, smaller than the Sendust core magnet volume, modern production possible. Changes in the computer is the most intuitive, the world's first computer by the limitations of the material, data storage first with a piece of paper with tape, now with the hard disk. The main material of the hard disk is the NdFeB permanent magnet materials, 2T hard drive size is almost like an ordinary cigarette case, but also a little thin.

NdFeB permanent magnet materials are widely used in electronic, mechanical industry, recorder into a voice recorder, fixed telephone extension to a mobile phone, computer laboratory into the homes of ordinary people ... new materials drive the technological revolution, the technological revolution to open the digital era , Being Digital changing people's thinking and behavior. NdFeB inextricably linked with human health, the use of magnetic waves to diagnose disease and to adjust the function of the body, a large hospital use of magnetic resonance, magnetic necklace worn by the magnetic cup and personal use of small life.

NdFeB emerging promotion and use of the material will High Temperature Powder core also change the current living environment. Yang Yanhua January, fog and haze attacked many cities, the murderer is the pollution caused by the heavy industry production excess emissions and automobile exhaust, to solve this problem First, change the mode of production, the use of clean energy, such as wind, water, light, NdFeB permanent magnet materials for wind power generation will be more efficient conversion of wind energy into electrical energy, improve power generation; Second, the use of electric vehicles, motor Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet material, contribute to the existing fuel cars into electric vehicles.
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