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Analysis of magnetic sensor

    What is a magnetic sensor? Is the magnetic field, current, stress and strain, temperature, light and other sensitive components of the magnetic-energy change is converted into an electrical signal to the corresponding physical quantity detecting device in such a manner. What will generate a magnetic field? Earth will produce a magnetic field, if you can measure the surface magnetic field of the earth can do compass, no current can produce a magnetic field, a current sensor Powder core magnetic field sensor.

    With the development of Internet of Things and sensors, the sensor has gone deep into our lives. While the magnetic sensor is developed. Application of the magnetic sensor on the market more and more. The following detailed description of the magnetic sensor applications:

    Growth factors of the magnetic sensor and digital compass market in 2010 contributed 20% of the income of the magnetic sensor.Magnetic powder core Not only become the standard configuration of the Tablet PC and mobile phone Global Positioning System (GPS), also began to enter the field of games and camera. High-Speed ​​Game, the magnetic sensor to provide accurate direction of the reference system, the calibration of the inertial sensors (such as accelerometers) can also be used to prevent drift.

    The magnetic sensor used in the field of consumer electronics, for example, computer hard drives, compass, household appliances, smart grid, electric vehicles, wind power and so on.
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