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Strong magnetic Science Center was established in April 30, 2008

Strong magnetic Science Center was established in April 30, 2008, the State Development and Reform Commission supported the "Eleventh Five-Year" Sendust Powder core national key scientific projects. Center's long-term goals include default generate a strong magnetic field, strong magnetic field research as well as relying on the physical properties of a strong magnetic field experimental apparatus for scientific and technological inventions, and its experimental facilities, including magnet means and scientific experiments testing system. 2010, part of the magnet device and test system built, has begun to advance into trial operation and gradually open to users, basically, "while construction operation."

     Steady-state magnetic field Neu Flux core Laboratory Instrument total project goal is to establish 40T stage static mixing device and a series of experiments magnet for different uses high-power water-cooled magnets, superconducting magnets experimental device, so that China's strong magnetic field levels among the world's advanced level. Currently four of the SM3 superconducting magnet NMR spectrometer complete with supporting the FBI, and has carried out a number of structural biology and pharmaceutical research, SM2 been debug successful, working with the combination of micro-SMA FBI test system . Magnet device, the strong magnetic field center has successfully developed China's first three tin tube niobium superconducting magnet conductor as well as China's first inflatable protect large pit vacuum heat treatment furnace niobium tin coil system.
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