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Sendust Cores (KS Series) is made from 85% Fe, 9%Si and 6%Al. It’s first invented by Japanese in 1930s, because it’s invented in Sendai, so it is called Sendust. It named KoolMu by Magnetics. This material has low loss and relative high saturation flux density (10500Gs). it is very suitable for applying in PFC Chokes, Fly-back Transformers and Storage Filter Inductors. This soft magnetic material’s magnetostriction is almost zero, so is special suitable for eliminating the In-line Noise Filters. Sendust Cores do not use organic binding material during the production, so it don’t does not have the problem of Thermal Aging. It can work in the environment of 200℃ for a long time. Permeability that we can made now is 26ui-125ui in toroid , U type, E type and block. It is the best cost performance magnetic powder.
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