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KDM 2015 Techno-Frontier Show Report


 May 20-22, 2015 we took part in Advanced Electronic & Mechatronics Devices and Components Exhibition in Japan. Alan (Technical Sales Manager), Shi Kai (Sales), and Masakazu Matsushima (Japan Agent) went to the exhibition.

Techno-Frontier is a cutting edge technology-oriented exhibition in the field of Electro-Mechanical parts & devices. Compared with other shows, quality of visitors is excellent. The target visitors are Development & Design Engineers & Specialists, Manufacturing Engineers and Procurement Experts and Academic Researchers. 

Since this exhibition covers very wide range of industries, it's necessary to present with broad appeal. This is a good event also to assess the technological trends.

It was the fifth time we took part in this show. In the last four shows, we made business relations with some clients. And at this show this year, we also met some unexpected potential clients. We also took this opportunity to inform our clients we had cooperated with NBTM Group, and changed our name from Zhejiang KEDA Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd. to Zhejiang NBTM KEDA Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd. Joining NBTM is a good for us. We hope our clients can see a big future and will have more confidence in cooperating with us.