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China Power Supply Society Bejing Seminar-KDM Report


 KDM is one of China Power Supply Society partners. Every year, we take part in four or five seminars which organized by them all around the country.

On 14th, July 2015, they hold a seminar “2015 High Performance Power Technology Sharing and Practical Technology Seminar” in Beijing, receiving wide acclaim and attention. Industrial elites in this field gathered together in Beijing Hubei Hotel, listening to speeches, transferring ideas, showcasing products and seeking development opportunities. During the seminar, the experienced senior engineers shared their ideas about high performance switch power supply design, new energy photovoltaic inverter technology and so on. 

The seminar is an ideal platform for us in to find potential clients, meet partners and establish business networks. We had a product display and demonstration at the seminar. Our engineers were delighted to communicate with the valued engineers about magnetic powder core design, products promotion, new products market development and the strength of our products based on the power supply technology.