Zhejiang Dongmu Keda Magnetoelectric Co., Ltd. (KDM), the largest supplier of soft magnetic metal magnetic powder cores in China.
The company mainly produces iron powder core and high temperature resistant iron powder core, alloy magnetic powder core and special magnetic powder core.

ZheJiang NBTM KeDa Magnetoelectricity Co., Ltd Established Date: September 2000 General Manager: Ke Xin Capitalization: 15 million USD Total Staff: 477 Factory Area: 40000m2 NBTM New Materials Group., Ltd. (Stock Code: 600114) is one of the largest manufacturers of sintered structural components in China and also honored as “National High-tech Enterprise”. The sintered components manufactured by NBTM are widely used in automobile, motorcycles, compressors in refrigerators and air-conditioners, power-tools, home appliances and so on.

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2015 International Exhibitions


2011-11-10 China Electronics Fair in Shanghai


2011-03-08 APEC 2011(26th Annual Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition